Regional Mission & Projects


To meet its Local & Regional Mission since launching, the VMOF has been, and still is, involved with several specific and pertinent activities primarily to improve breast cancer care in the out of hospital Ambulatory Breast Center (ABC) model, including the following:

  1. Supporting the introduction of new Biopsy Technology for tissue harvesting of early mammographic lesions.
  2. Supporting the introduction of Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI), including intra-mammary radiotherapy devices, to significantly reduce the prior standard duration of radiotherapy down to one week or less.
  3. Supporting on-site VM Group Recovery meetings directed by a designated psychologist for newly diagnosed patients to better cope with, and alleviate, stress and anxiety.
  4. Supporting Breast Cancer Conferences with local and international speakers, reviewing the latest concepts in breast cancer prevention, early detection, personalized treatment and Survivorship for both breast cancer Health Providers and their patients.
  5. Providing funding to support the required on-site projection and off-site internet access, and related costs, for the weekly VM Oncology Pathology Conferences (VMOP) to permit hospital-based oncology experts to interact with on-site ABC VM surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, radiotherapists, genetic experts, physicians, medical residents & students and support staff. These detailed multi-disciplinary reviews of all VM breast cancer cases ensures that all treatment options are explored and a consensus is reached for best management for each presented patient. In addition, these weekly VMOP conferences provide an educational opportunity for all attendees to learn about the pertinence of new concepts regarding breast cancer prevention, detection, and management, including available clinical trials, for their specific patients. These weekly sessions provide Royal College of Physicians of Canada credits for attendees.
  6. Decreasing the high anxiety related to a diagnosis of breast cancer and the regular ambulatory Oncology Center visits by exploring stress-reduction methods such as emphasizing a supportive environment, support therapies and help from a stable, recognizable, empathetic and committed staff. The VMOF also supports specific initiatives such as funding the recent publication of a new self-help book entitled: Why Me, written by Michelle Desaulniers, an expert patient-nurse, to help patients better understand what to expect and how to best cope with, manage, and minimize the usual associated stress, anxiety, etc.
  7. Support access to Breast Cancer-related accredited courses, or other educational activities deemed pertinent by the VMOF Board for ABC medical and support staff to ensure they are knowledgeable and uphold the best breast cancer care standards.
  8. To fund convenient on-site access to Kinesiology/Physiotherapy expertise to optimize breast cancer and lymphedema prevention, along with a post-operative recovery program, including structured and monitored exercise programs.
  9. To fund on-site access to a Genetic Counsellor to establish risk assessment and reduction, and facilitate identification and management of genetic mutations. In addition, The VMOF has funded a VM Risk Assessment & Risk Reduction booklet with pertinent information for the general public and patients regarding risk reduction via lifestyles, exercise, etc.
  10. Supporting on-site access to pertinent breast cancer Clinical trials.


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